Catalyst Art Show

Concept - Creative - Planning - Execution
Project Overview
Sparked by the need for a strong injection of culture in Green Bay, Catalyst Art Show was created to raise funds and awareness for future murals and public art projects. With the inaugural show garnering over 300 attendees and over $15,000, the spark of Catalyst has been stoking the creativity throughout Northeast Wisconsin ever since.

Catalyst Art Show supports public art and artists.
Growing creative talent and providing artists with a unique opportunities to share their perspectives and their work.From interactive exhibits to paintings, and musical performances to culinary concoctions, Catalyst will surprise and excite you at every turn.
Catalyst Art Show
Catalyst Art Show. A creative encounter.
Dancing, singing, performing, presenting, interacting, exhibiting, and much more. When it comes to public art, there are typically two obstacles, permission and funding. Catalyst was intially created to address the need funding. The success of Catalyst far exceeded the first goal of $10,000 by contributing over $18,000 to Art on Main, a pubic art program of the Olde Main Street District in Green Bay, WI.In 2016, Catalyst attracted over 300 attendees, 20 artists, and countless connections to move the community forward.  Catalyst was created to increase public art in all forms, and provide support for future projects and community growth. Be the spark.


Julie Jilek
Dave Razor
Danny Lemke
Amie Kesler
Tyler Hilfreich
Liz Mac
Micah Gunderson
Irineo Medina
Valerie Medina
Beau Thomas
Zane Statz
Alex Hopkins
Graham Washatka

Ryan McClelland
Andrew Linskens
Brooke Young
Adam Pettis
Jackie Murphy
Shanna Koltz
Gregory Frederic
Courtney Maye
Lauren McGowen
Peter Koury
Jay Be-iLL
Kinetic Bear

Kinetic Bear
Nnamdi Ogbonnaya
Katharina Abderholden
Amy Ryerson
Zach Sydney
Tracy Darling